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Location: Nefeli Villas & Suites, Nea Skioni, Greece

For the last few weeks Ron, Alex and I have traveled over 1500km. First, we went to the Rose Festival. Second, we traveled to Sithonia on Halkidiki. Then, we moved to Kassandra, near Nea Skioni in a wonderful villa complex. This is where we took the photos for this post, by the way. Afterwards, we went on a Jubilee celebration of a relative. Now we are in Sofia – finally! We are taking a break from traveling, but not from work.

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As I mentioned, those photos were taken during our stay at Nefeli Villas & Suites, a part of Ermia Hotels & Resorts. Here I should take a moment and thank for the hospitality and the amazing experience we had. We stayed at a villa which is what we dream of as a home, in fact. And we felt it as if it was our home. A two-floor house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a spacious living room with a kitchen – all this placed on around 110 sq.m. Some villas would even come with a private pool. Just enough to accommodate 2 or 3 families.

Unfortunately, 4 days went by so quickly and we did not feel like leaving. More details regarding our experience will come with the upcoming posts.

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Let’s get back by the pool… 

I’m not a swimwear model. Never pretended to be one. Yet, every year I try to share with you at least one post with some swim inspiration because all women care about what they’d wear on the beach or by the pool. This year I picked Yamamay. The same Italian brand, which invited the model and blogger Natasha Oakley to present their 2017 swimwear collection. She is the ultimate embodiment of a woman, going beyond the modern stereotypes. I believe many women recognize themselves in her and her sexy curves. I remember when I discovered Natasha on Instagram in the winter of 2015, right after giving birth to Alex. I thought “How well does she look! There’s so much of that natural femininity in her!”. She reminds me of the models from the past. Somehow truly natural and real. That’s what I like – the idea of real woman. The way she looks with all her prettiness and unpretentiousness. This certainly is one of the reasons I picked to wear Yamamay this season – because I recognize myself in her and the collections. Truly admiring their choice! For me it is not just another swimwear brand, but one that appreciates women in all their shapes. Pretty as they are!

P.S.: Yet, it’s not just this that makes me love Yamamay’s collection. It has a wonderful range of colors and variations. And pricing is very affordable, too!

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Yamamay bikini, dress and espadrilles

Pepe Jeans bag

Pepe Jeans hat

Would you pick a brand over another for the way it portrays women and its perceptions regarding them? Do you like Yamamay? What about Tash Oakley?