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As much as we do not like it, Summer is slowly transitioning into Fall. And when it comes to fashion, the transition is almost done with AW18 collections already in full swing. Normally, this is followed by the pretty obvious question “What’s in for Fall?”.

Well, there are plenty of directions you can take in order to feel up to date this season. One of them surely is black-backed prints. I recently discovered this pretty dress from Desigual’s new collection, featuring a rich combination of botanical prints and elements on a black base. (previously wore black-backed florals here). It seems like the perfect way to wear black at the moment with just a slight notion of it.

Laid back luxe
Denina Martin Gracia dress desigual

However, the print of the dress appears kind of exotic to me, so I paired it with an animal print bracelet to spice things up. It was all well completed by the Lion-head Michael Kors bag. I thought this was the ideal & modern African / Tribal look, until I found out the lions were actually representative of Leo – Michael Kors’ zodiac sing. But it still looked good! :)

Charming fashion look
Laid back luxe Michael Kors whitney bag
Michael Kors whitney bag

Dress – Desigual, Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Michael Kors, Scandal, Bulgaria Mall

Bracelet – Desigual, Bulgaria Mall

Sweater – H&M, Bulgaria Mall


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine. 





Nice and Perfect looking outfits..


Really like the print and fit of your print dress in your recent blog.
Always difficult to know what to wear when seasons change.
The Autumn
Oncel Brett 👠

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