There are days when I wake up and my hair looks great. I love those days. But there are days when it just has its own opinion. It’s messy and shapeless. Those days are not my favorite… I used to take them very personally and emotionally. Luckily, with time I got to know my hair’s mood and mastered some techniques to calm it down. As it is neither straight, nor curly, I found out that when I wake up and it doesn’t look the way I want it to, I’d better straighten it. With the help of my flat iron Philips Sublime Ends today I am sharing my guide to straight hair. These steps save me from those unpleasant bad hair days, turning them into a #BestHairDay. And most importantly, with them I preserve my hair healthy and shiny, because the healthier the hair, the less likely it is to look bad in the morning.

#Besthairday Philips sublime ends Най добрия моден блог Philips

Prior Straightening

Combing through is one of the key steps. It doesn’t just make the styling a lot easier, but prevents the hair from breaking while straightening it. By the way, I do it very carefully, because I don’t want my hair to break additionally. Snagged hair is not a good looking hair. Next, I apply a thermo protecting spray to nurture and avoid hair burn. Finally, I split my hair into sections. This saves me time. Hence, thus I take smaller sections which get straightened more easily and I don’t have to repeat them.

The Straightening 

I always use the flat iron when my hair is completely dry. Even the smallest amount of damp is an enemy. I also never turn up the heat to the max. Philips Sublime Ends (the flat iron I use) lets me adjust the temperature setting and I never ever go above 210°C. The sections I take are 2-3 cm wide and I really try to avoid repeating them. The iron moves slowly and steadily along the length, without holding for too long in one place. All those tips are crucial as healthy hair is a priority. Since volume is also important for me, I avoid starting from the root. Of course, it all depends on how bad the #BadHairDay is.

Best hair day Philips sublime ends hair care

Final Touches

I love shine and results that last. That’s why I apply hairspray with a light fixation. It’s crucial that hair moves naturally. Important notice: I always wait for my hair to cool down prior to application.

And most importantly…

Nothing can ruin the hair more than an old flat iron with a poor quality. If you wish more best hair days, invest in quality. It is a long-term investment in healthy hair. As previously mentioned, I currently use Philips Sublime Ends. I already talked about it here. It has got ceramic plates; UniTemp sensor which maintains an even temperature all over and reduces the need of repeating sections; has a temperature setting; and reduces the amount of split ends significantly. I truly confirm the latter. My last hair cut was in December and I still have no split ends, even though I use the flat iron almost daily.

Fun with Philips sublime ends Philips sublime ends hair care

If you are still confused about the ways you can make your hair look great, one of you will be lucky to get the tips straight from the source. Philips and I are planning a experience giveaway, where I and one of my readers will be treated with a #BestHairDay. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram. Can’t wait!

How do you straighten your hair? What are your own #BestHairDay tips? 


Denina ♥



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