Salad Box Bulagria

Location: Salad Box, bul. Al. Stamboliiski 72A, Sofia 

This title may sound bold, but actually reflects my personal view of Salad Box. The chain opened its first restaurant in Sofia 2 days ago and I was happy to be among the first to try out the menu. I say happy, because in the end I really felt happy.

Food is Life. 

Make it Good.

I’m not a fan of the popular fast food chains – no need to name them. That’s why I’m sincerely glad when such take-away restaurants like Salad Box are entering Sofia. I believe fresh and healthy food is the best fuel for both mind and body. It makes one feel alive and energetic. And it’s easy to feel this once you break away the habit of eating junk food. It’s hard, but when good opportunities are showing up just around the corner, things can change quickly. It takes just 21 days of persistence.

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Upon entering Salad Box I instantly noticed the bright and friendly atmosphere. Ron and I quickly turned our attention to the offering. Fresh salads with a wide selection of ingredients and dressings, aromatic cream soups, scrumptious smoothies, fresh juices, light desserts and a fruit salad. How often do you find a restaurant offering fruit salads? I personally haven’t encountered one in Sofia.

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Eventually, Ron and I left with two salads, one green lentil soup, one green smoothie, a homemade lemonade, and a divine chia pudding which I never let him taste. Everything was so delicious that I boldly declare Salad Box as “Best Salad Bar in Town” – at least for me. I recommend that you give it a chance and maybe share your opinion in the comments below.

P.S.: The best part is it promises to continue expanding its presence in Sofia. :)

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Skirt – ZARA (similar)

Top – Tom Tailor

Bag – Michael Kors

Sandals – Made by Sarenza

Sunglasses – Nasty Gal

Bracelet – H&M


Denina ♥

*This post was created at the special invitation of Salad Box. All opinions are mine.

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