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When it comes to trends, this SS19 is one of my happiest seasons. Earthy shades and soft natural tones are all around us, and I’m feeling amazing wearing them! And now with this trip to Sedona with H&M, I feel even more inspired to wear the colors I saw there. I’m like the painters who travel to a certain place and inspired by it create a whole new movement in their art. But with me it’s more about my personal style rather than painting, of course. :)

Pretty bulgarian blogger and influencer
Pretty blogger Denina Martin
Bulgarian blogger
bulgarian blogger and influencer Denina Martin

Truth is too often best inspirations come from nature. So, yeah, you must be assuming why I loved those terracotta trousers. This earthy but yet vivid color does remind me of the nature I witnessed in Sedona. It’s like a mini throwback for me while I’m back to normal life in Sofia. And then whites – the white puffy clouds above the Red Rocks. In fact, some painters say white isn’t a color. One thing I certainly disagree with. It’s my other favorite color which does come from nature, too. Don’t you think?

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Terracotta Trousers – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

White top – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

White Fluffy Cardigan – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Jewelries – Uno de 50, Silver Court, Bulgaria Mall

Sunglasses – H&M, Bulgaria Mall


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*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine.


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