Tom Tailor rain coat jacket
wearing hooded jacket for everyday

One of my favorite things about Spring is ditching the heavy coats and opting for lightweight ones. During this time of the year a beige hooded jacket for every day is one casual type of outerwear I always makes sure stays handy in my wardrobe. It’s a great option for weekends and casual outings. But not only. This one in particular goes great with both high heels and sneakers, as it’s not too sporty.

What type of outerwear do you prefer for Spring? 

Tom Tailor complete outfit
Tom Tailor hooded jacket for everyday
Tom Tailot spring jacket

Beige hooded jacket – Tom Tailor

Jeans – Tom Tailor

Polo Shirt – Tom Tailor

Scarf – Tom Tailor

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Ingiliz

Watch – Jacques Lemans


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