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Coming back from London, I was surprised to see some of the first visuals from the campaign for Bulgaria Mall, which we shot earlier this month. It is inspired by all those beautiful Autumn shades and brings along the motto “Autumn Looks Great on You”. As many of you asked about the details of my outfits from that day, I thought it would be nice to share them here, as well as the inspiration behind them.

The location was once again the beautiful and romantic Terra Residence in Sofia. Panic Studio stood behind the production, while Greta Stefanova took care of my make-up and hair. She’s brilliant! And of course, Ron spent the day with me as my biggest support. ♥

styling for autumn photoshoot denina martin
denina martin terra residence photoshoot

Look #1

This look was inspired by the beauty of femininity without revealing too much. The color palette has this typical Autumn feel, especially with the soft mustard yellow sweater in there. The prints, however, are not your typical florals, but rather botanicals with an Autumn twist.

Top & Skirt – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Shoes – Punto, Bulgaria Mall

Sweater – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Look #2

This looks here can be seen in the short video from the day which is below the post. With the end of Summer, I feel nostalgic so I though finding a way to adapt the bohemian style into Autumn is a good way to transition easily. And it takes a loose floral print dress & a hat.

Dress – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Belt – Pronta, Bulgaria Mall

Hat – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Leopard Print Coat backstage
denina martin pleated skirt set backstage
denina martin leopard coat hm

Look #3

For this look I took inspiration in the so trending animal prints. Obviously, the leopard coat is the star here. However, since those prints can be quite tricky, I balanced with a simple T-shirt & trousers with a casual feel. I think it’s the perfect balance between styles.

T-shirt – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Trousers – United Colors of Benetton, Bulgaria Mall

Leopard print coat – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Pronta, Bulgaria Mall

Boots – Punto, Bulgaria Mall

denina martin benetton backstage photoshoot
backstage terra residence

Look #4

This last look brings the 70s forward. Especially with the A-line dress in faux suede, paired with a striped blouse underneath. This season encourages dress & blouse combinations, so feel absolutely free to experiment here.

Dress – United Colors of Benetton, Bulgaria Mall

Top – United Colors of Benetton, Bulgaria Mall

Coat – H&M, Bulgaria Mall

*Project in collaboration with Bulgaria Mall.


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