Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-2 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-3

During the past weekend we went for tea at Costa Café. This place gives me so much memories because Ron and I visited a lot when traveling from and to the UK. We’ve spent hours waiting there at the airport. It reminds me of our cold London trips when Costa was the little escape saving us from the freezing weather. So many reasons to feel good being back there!

Speaking of going back in time, I need to mention the latest addition to my time-piece collection. It’s called JORD and is made of wood. Believe it or not, a wood watch looks and feels way better than I imagined.  It’s very solid at first glance, but quite lightweight in reality.  What’s more JORD somehow mixes materials in a way that makes it so well-balanced. As the slogan says – it’s the “luxury of nature”. As I say – it’s the “perfect everyday time-piece”. Honestly, I’m more than happy with my new wristwatch, so I’m now enjoying those precious moments with my close ones and my JORD. :)

Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-4 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-5 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-6 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-8 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-7 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-9 Flare-Jeans-Jord-Wood-Watch-Costa-Cafe-Denina-Martin-1

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Have you ever worn a wood watch? What do you think of the idea? 

A little bit off the topic: Today I’m announcing the winners from the giveaway with Sexy Hair. These are K. Krasimirova, Galya Tsvetkova, Antonia Popmincheva, Liudmila Petkova, and Petya Mladenova. Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly


Denina ♥

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Wooden watches are no longer an ugly wood bar, the design of this JORD looks awesome, especially when the wood is well chosen. I personally like the Zebrawood watches.


Loving the JORD watches! We have written a review of JORD and other wooden watches. We are looking to work with other bloggers just like you, let me know if you want to get involved! for my full review https://woodmafia.com.au/updates/best-wood-watches/


I quite like reading through a post that will
make people think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!


Great look! There are many instances in your life that will remind you of things happened in the past. When sitting alone in a certain place, I can think of my memorable travels with my anti jet lag buddy, jetLAGFX http://www.jetlagfx.com/ and my friends. It feels good to read refreshing article like this.


What a nice look! I like the color of the watch. Have a nice weekend!



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