walking Plovidv central park
Styling Freywille inspiring jewellery

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ron and I recently took a short trip to Plovdiv which also happens to be the European Capital of Culture for 2019. We were quite lucky, because we enjoyed some really nice weather. It is a warm and sunny city generally, and Spring seems to have come in full swing earlier there. This made walking around the town such a pleasant experience. I even got messaged by sweet readers from Plovdiv who saw me! I felt so happy that I have such amazing and kind followers from there!

Plovdiv in spring
Plovdiv in spring 2019
Freywille spring jewellery

One thing I enjoy so much when it comes to styling is feeling part of the environment. That’s why this outfit literally turned into my go-to outfit this season  – it makes me feel as bright as a Spring day! You know, lot’s of whites, contrasting over some bright and uplifting hues, and all that complimented by natural and wooden accents.

However, there are 3 things about this outfit that I love. First, the blazer – which interestingly is a purchase I made thanks to Ron who insisted. I don’t think I ever discussed this here, but I always ask him for opinion. Men see things differently and sometimes quite well, so it’s always good to judge a purchase based on both a female and a male opinion. :) Second, the Ingiliz sandals as they are extremely comfortable and perfectly hued for literally every outfit. And last but certainly not the least, the spark of brightness that the FREYWILLE jewelries bring. You know how much I admire all their collections because they are all little pieces of art, but this L’AMANDIER TURQUOISE is Spring sealed in an accessory. It’s inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and is literally blooming like Spring. By the way, FREYWILLE has recently opened a store in Plovdiv for all my local readers, so you can take a peek and see yourself why I love those jewelries so much. :)

wearing Freywille jewelry for spring
Freywille fine art jewellery
spring vibe in Plovdiv
Light pink Zara blazer
Ingiliz shoes for spring

Oversized blazer – ZARA

T-shirt – Tom Tailor (old but love this one here & here)

Flared Jeans – Mango

Jewelries & Scarf – FREYWILLE Hommage à Vincent van Gogh L’AMANDIER TURQUOISE

Shoes – Ingiliz

Bag – ZARA

To end here, I will just say that these days you may recognise me on the streets by this outfit, because I enjoy the feeling of being as bright as a Spring day!


Denina ♥


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