In May I was invited to a dinner organized by Veuve Clicquot to celebrate successful women and last year’s video project for Manager magazine “BOLD by Veuve Clicquot”.

The dinner took place in Ahora by Sevda Dimitrova and presented 4 dishes – specially designed by Sevda to match the taste of 4 different Veuve Clicquot Champagne types. We talked about women and success, and learnt very curious facts about Madame Clicquot – the woman behind Veuve Clicquot.

In an era when women were excluded from the business world, Madame Clicquot dared to assume the head of the company, a role she undertook with passion and determination. She would seize each new opportunity that arose, willing to take risks, and as such she was able to expand her business to all four corners of the world. Uncompromising when it came to the quality of her wines, she perfected new techniques of production. She invented the “table de remuage” (riddling table) to clarify champagne, and  innovated the very first blend of rosé champagne. Within just a few years she  made her name into a brand of excellence, a name today renowned throughout the world. Even then, her peers recognized her formidable contributions, and referred to her as the “Grande Dame of Champagne.” A truly inspiring story of a successful and determined woman.

I think that was the best part of the evening – except for the excellent Champagne and food, we also had a fantastic and inspiring womens’ talk. Cheers to women who never give up despite the hardships they face!