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Professional hairstyle using Dyson Airwrap

After getting it, I promised to do an honest review on Dyson Airwrap – 100% not sponsored. I have been using it for a couple of months (after getting it as present from Ron) and can already share my impressions as well as answer your most common questions. 


Dyson Airwrap is a hair styling tool with different barrels to curve or wave, and brushes to smooth and volumise without extreme heat, as it functions like a hairdryer – using warm air to style and dry.

First impressions

It’s a very well presented tool as it comes in a beautiful faux leather storage box which makes a beautiful home decor, too. There are 8 attachments for different styling purposes included – 2 wide barrels for creating waves*, 2 narrow barrels for creating curls*, one classic blow drier attachment, 1 round volumising brush, 1 firm smoothing brush and 1 soft smoothing brush. The tool itself is very lightweight and easy to hold.

*Each pair of barrels has one clockwise and one anti-clockwise barrel to create symmetrical curls and waves.

What I have been using the most

From the different attachments included in the box, I use mostly the wave styling barrels and the curl styling barrels, along with the classic blow dryer attachment. Occasionally, I use the round volumising brush to create volume at the roots.

When I use it

Since the Dyson Airwrap functions like a blowdryer, it is best used after washing my hair while it is wet and not styled. It is not recommended to use it on dry hair as the styling won’t hold long. However, I use a spray water bottle to dampen my hair if needed to retouch my styling on the following day.

How I use it

When I go out of the shower, I put on the classic pre styling dryer to take my hair from wet to damp. It needs to be about 70-80% dry and then I take the wave barrels, which to me are the most intriguing tool! They attract and wrap the hair in the desired direction depending on which barrel I have chosen. I hold for about 15 seconds and then press the main button upwards to switch on the cold air for about 5 seconds which sets the curl and helps it last longer. And then I switch off which releases the hair. I usually do the styling outwards my face but you can also choose to do the waves inwards which creates a more classic and retro look.

Dyson airwrap review


Does the hairstyle last long?

Yes. When styling your hair after washing, it tends to keep the shape you’ve given it initially longer. I can say that the on day 2 my hair with Dyson Airwrap looks not as defined but definitely still beautiful enough to go out without having to style it again (if I haven’t tied a tight knot on top the night before which I tend to do).

How does it affect the longterm look of the hair?

It wouldn’t burn the hair because it does not use extreme heat. However, since it’s a blow-dryer, it may dehydrate your hair if you use too much, too often or on dry hair. With the right and quality products in your haircare, you will have no problems.

Does it save time?

Yes, because you style as you dry your hair. Before having it, I had to make sure my hair is 100% dry before using my curling tong.

Is it worth the money?

I think totally yes, because you get so many tools in one. Of course, it always depends on an individual’s expectations, wants and needs. For me, it’s a fantastic tool.

Airwrap curling barrel
How to use Dyson airwrap


To sum it all up:

  • It allows me to dry, smooth, style, curve and wave my hair with no extreme heat. There’s no way I can burn myself, too!
  • I don’t have to style my hair that often because my looks good on the next day, too.
  • Saves me time, as I don’t have to dry and then style my hair. With the Dyson Airwrap I style while drying and it’s amazing!
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use with one hand.
  • It gives me plenty of options for styling my hair.
  • It gives my hair volume and body.

Hair after dyson airwrap
Dyson airwrap review by blogger