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Remember your favorite Teddy Bear from childhood? Mine was actually little Simba from The Lion King. It was the softest toy I ever had. I still have it by the way. My grandma keeps it safe. It used to stay in the middle of my bed to keep it safe during the day, and I loved hugging it so much.

Anyway, I’m sharing this because that’s what this alpaca coat made me think of – little Simba. Not just that it features the same color, but rather because it is as soft as my favorite plush toy! Funny enough, but touching this piece of outerwear brings me back to those good childhood memories. Never imagined a coat actually could do this, but I love it!

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Would you buy a piece of garment because it reminds you of your childhood somehow? Feel free to give a shoutout in the comments below. 

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Marella camel coat
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