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One of the things that make us feel alive are the memories we keep. They help us appreciate life. They remind us of what we were before, where we started from and what we’ve been through. But in the modern and busy life memories are quickly erased from our heads. We think we remember something just to find out after a year or two that we are no longer sure how things used to be.

I’ll give you an example with Alex’s first memo album. My dear friend Silvia gave it to me when he was born. She wrote the longest, most sincere and beautiful message and threatened me to strictly keep  this diary. :) And she had a point. The first year of Alex’s life was not long ago, but now I seem to have forgotten so many things about it. Luckily, I have written down things in the diary.

Printing photos with HP Printing photos with HP Deskjet Mom and son

Yes, I have been filling the diary, but I never added any photos to it… When HP sent me the world’s smallest multifunction printer DeskJet Ink Advantage, I told myself that now is the time. I had to go back 3 years ago and look through all the photos to find the most appropriate ones. Fortunately, the printer was easily connected to my phone and I printed photos directly from there. In no time, I pulled out the prints on paper, and Alex and I initiated the task. In fact, that’s how we spent the Sunday afternoon. He was peeling off the printed photographs (the HP Social Media Snapshot paper is self-adhesive) and was sticking them in the wrong place, while I was repairing the damages. :)

But we did have fun! I even realized that postponing this was not such a bad idea. Just on the contrary. We did it at the perfect time, when he’s grown enough to understand and enjoy this experience.

20171001 Family-time Попълваме снимки Having fun Having fun family Mom and son play Mom and son having fun Happy moments Enjoying family photos Aleks family album Aleks baby album Baby album

Sylvie, the album is now ready. Some notes are missing, but it is already finished and I will keep it safe so we can enjoy those memories throughout the years. Photo albums are so precious. The feeling is different – somewhat personal and much more real than scrolling through thousands of random shots on the phone and switching from one folder to another. Thank you for being insistent and making sure Alex has a memo album. It’s truly priceless!

Family photo album World smallest family printer Denina Martin and Aleks

As for the printer, I think the HP Ink Advantage 3785 is pretty good. Honestly, I’m not an expert when it comes to printers. I had one at the university, which I subsequently discarded, because we did not get on well with each other. Which is not the case with this one. It was easier than I thought. This suggests me that the HP Ink Advantage is a good family choice.

Family photos

Sending you lots of love!

Denina ♥

*In collaboration with HP. All opinions are mine.

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