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Denina Mártin - Armani Beauty - 02

I was invited by the Giorgio Armani Beauty team to spend an afternoon with them at Sense Hotel in Sofia, as well as explore the full makeup range and get my makeup done by one of their head makeup artists Marianna Gluic.

What I love about the brand is that it favors natural beauty. The looks, the feels, everything about it is so pure and classy. But the quality of the Giorgio Armani products is not to be underestimated at all. Luminous silk is the foundation I have been using for a while now – including the base and concealer. They all offer amazing coverage while the skin feels naturally beautiful.

At the beauty session I tried the liquid blush, which is again excellent. Very fine and easy to blend. I also tried the new lipstick range Giorgio Armani Lip Power. Very hydrating and velvety. I loved colour 102 which is neutral and super for everyday use while the lips feel very comfortable.

Here are a few tips for a natural looking makeup look I got:

  • Skin prep is very important for a perfect glowing skin, so always use base. I used to underestimate this part when it came to everyday makeup but a while back realised I should not.
  • You can mix the foundation with the fluid sheer glow enhancer to get super natural glow with a little bit less of a coverage to achieve a truly natural and fresh glowing look.
  • If you are applying a liquid blush, you should go on the highest part of your cheekbones. Liquid blush reflect the light and lifts up the face. However, if it’s a powder blush, you should go lower, as it won’t reflect light and the effect won’t be the same.
  • Apply a tiny bit of the liquid blush on the mid top part of your nose, as well as on your eyelids. This will take years off your face.
  • Apply mascara only on top lashes. Applying it on the lower lashes will make dark circles seem more obvious.
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