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I consider myself a Summer kind of person. I don’t like cold but I am starting to realise what I really don’t like is gloominess. I just need sun to exist. Which makes me think that it’s not the winter that I dislike but the lack of sunshine.

The other day (in fact the whole week) we were having a really foggy weather here in Sofia, which comes at a great price considering the amount of smog in the air, too. And then I checked a web cam 15 mins outside of Sofia. It was a sunny and beautiful day in the mountains. So I put on some warm clothes (all of them on SALE up to 50% off right now, see below) and we hopped onto the car. 15 minutes out of Sofia it was a different world – sunny and happy. My mood changed in an instant. And once again I realised – it was the sunshine and sight of blue sky that gives me real joy.

And Sofia… our pretty city is just getting dirtier and dirtier every winter. It’s so bad that Ron even suggested planning a winter out of town next year. And to my regret, it’s worth considering it…

Winter wonderland sales

Mountain favorite outfit this season
Tom-Tailor winter items on sale

Long Winter Jacket – Tom Tailor (similar here)

Knitwear Top – Tom Tailor (similar here)

Flared Jeans – Tom Tailor

Warm Hat & Scarf – Tom Tailor

Crossbody Bag – Tom Tailor

Jewelry – UNO de 50

Boots – Timberland


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