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2018 has been an exciting and a very dynamic year. We decided that we are not going to do a “A year in review” post, because we trust you were here and you saw it all. Instead, we want to thank you for following our journeys and supporting us throughout. In 2018 we reached a milestone of 1.1 million pageviews and 122 000 unique readers, which is a proof that we are building a strong community with many likeminded people. It makes us so happy!

In those last days of the year, which are usually very long and silent for me, I personally love to sit and think about what I have achieved, and what I have failed at. For me it is a moment to be thankful for both those achievements and failures. A moment to make it clear what I need to work on in order to evolve. Would it be personal relationships, work life, health or whatsoever. It’s a moment to set goals. In fact, Ron and I have already written down our goals (not resolutions) for 2019. Because if we set no goals, how can we grow? I would never expect to wake up on January 1st and be completely a new person. It’d be silly. But I will work for it for another year to come. And I may repeat this exercise of reflecting back during the year, because I want to stay grounded and be headed in the right direction. And to make it easier for me, I wrote a New Year’s Eve letter to myself with the things I want to tell myself before the clock strikes 12:00.

Dear Denina,
Let this year bring out the best of you. Do not expect it from 2019, but from yourself. Work hard, and be critical to yourself if you want to grow and evolve. But not too harsh. Love yourself more. But not too much. Leave some love to spread around. Make small steps that will take you places without expecting too much. Trust yourself and try not to doubt your own instincts. Be grateful. Be hopeful. Be real.Leave the phone aside for a little longer. Go out to dinner with friends a little more often. Connect more. And trust that hardship is here to make you appreciate what’s good in your life. ♥  

For you all I wish a simple thing: continue climbing your own ladders, and have an amazing year ahead with many stories to tell!

Love you!

Denina ♥

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