“There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself.”  Osho

I decided to start the week with these wisdom words to inspire you throughout the next few days. Generally, competition is good because it motivates us to improve. Yet, it can be as exhilarating and motivating as it can be tough and distressing. Overwhelmed by rivalry, we usually get lost and forget that individuality is what should be truly appreciated. We need to learn the meaning of the word “acceptance” and realize that if we do not accept ourselves the way we are, no one else will. Who we are is absolutely “perfectly good”, and it is the key to inner peace and life satisfaction.

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Hints of metallics are getting over as a rising trend. That’s why I decided to show an unobtrusive way to work them in your everyday style. I’ve paired a slightly sheer gray-metallic top with blue sweatpants with zip details. I really fancy the combination of silvers and blues in an outfit. I’ve paired the combo with my favorite white sandals and long-strap satchel. Barely visible on the photos are my silver Swarovski studded earrings, which are matched with this classic and very feminine bracelet, given to me as a present few years ago. Overall, this look mixes a couple of trends but at the same time is really simple and elegant.

The recreated look:

James Perse Draped Twill Pants in Blue;

Wallis White Metallic Shell Top;

New Look Quota White Mid Heeled Sandals;

Becky Faux Leather Shoulder Bag in White;

Swarovski Angelic Bracelet;

Swarovski Typical Pierced Earrings;

Are you a fan of incorporating metallics in your everyday outfit?  

Wish you a wonderful week!

Denina Martin







Love the pants and shoes and great photos



Thank you, Alexandra :)

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