Denina Martin conscious exclusive

This black lace dress is not an ordinary one. Yes, it is very pretty, but it is also revolutionary for a very nature-friendly reason. This is a dress with a story. It tells the story of fishnets which used to float somewhere in the ocean, and see its deepest secrets.  This is because that dress is made of the innovative ECONYL® – a 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste. The 7th edition of H&M Conscious Exclusive is the first time this fiber is being used by the brand. (See my other favorite dress from the collection here.) I really can’t imagine how something so beautiful and sophisticated can be made out of ocean waste.   

HM black lace dress Denina Martin
Black lace dress H&M conscious exclusive 2018
H&M Denina Martin exclusive collection

And not just that. The team behind the collection also took old silver appliances again for the purpose of recycling and created those intricate jewelries. A set of earrings, necklace, and stack rings are part of the collection, and were inspired by the lighting decor in the home of the Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson. It is the very first time H&M uses recycled silver. The very first time they create  jewelries that tell the story of what once used to light one’s darkest nights.

H&M conscious exclusive black lace dress
H&M conscious exlusive 2018

As much as the entire Conscious Exclusive collection is an inspiration for the way it looks, it is truly inspiring for the fact they have taken the useless to create beauty. Once again H&M proves in how many ways fashion can be sustainable. Lace made of fishnets. Jewelries made of old candle holders. Silk without pesticides. Organically grown natural fabrics. All this should serve as an example for the fashion industry that a dress can be more than just a dress. It can be a dress with a story. That a piece of jewelry can be more than a piece of jewelry. It can be a piece of jewelry with a story.

Use. Re-use. Create a story. 

A dress with a story

Dress – H&M Conscious Exclusive

Jewelries – H&M Conscious Exclusive

Bag – H&M

Sandals – H&M


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with H&M. All opinions are mine.