the summer dress shop by Denina Martin Collection
Olivia dress from Denina Martin collection summer

I love wearing dresses so much and I love creating ones just as much! I think that’s the most enjoyable part of Denina Mártin Collection for me. That’s why with the approach of Summer I wanted to once again have a collection of Summer dresses. This is how the idea for THE SUMMER DRESS SHOP was born, which is available to shop online from today. 

The collection is made of different dresses that will give you different vibes. All of them feminine and romantic. All of them made of natural fabrics – mainly cotton and some linen as well. At the moment I am wearing our OLIVIA dress the most as it fits the bump perfectly and is super comfortable for my pregnancy. However, I can’t wait to be able to wear the rest of them soon! Until then, you can see them worn by my beautiful friend Julia who modelled for this collection, or on yourselves! :) 

Which is your favourite dress from our new collection? 

Gloria dress by Denina Martin 2021
Summer safari dress