Taking care for yourself is equal to loving yourself. This is the reason I am sharing with you 9 things to do for yourself this month ( and why not every month). To feel happy and joyful we need to be good and loving to our own selves. I personally will try to treat myself with some of the following, as I barely find time for things that I want and need to do these days. :)

Gift yourself a wellness day

A day at the SPA or a body massage will make you feel like a whole new person – physically and mentally. You can try Este Fitness & SPA. They have amazing packages – tested and approved by me.

Take care of your hair

Book a saloon appointment. Do a hair therapy (I personally love Kérastase and now they have a new series called Chroma Absolu) or get a makeover – just give yourself the fresh look your hair needs. It will make you feel great!

Take a bubble bath

And don’t forget the Prosecco! We need to indulge ourselves in worthy and calming experiences every once in a while.

Healthy highlighted haircare

Get a facial

We women love facials. It is so refreshing and mood-lifting. Show care and get one. And caring means loving. The therapies I swear by are the Biologique Recherche therapies! Book an appointment and you’ll feel so refreshed and happy – I promise.

Give yourself a day off

And do whatever you feel like doing or makes your happy. What better way to say “I love myself.”

Go on a trip

Traveling helps us forget about the monotonous everyday life. It refreshes our spirits. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Treat yourself with that experience.

Buy yourself something you really like

When you work so hard, you need to stop and reward yourself. It is important, because it will make you feel better and push you towards doing even better. We did a small themed drop with a few lovely pieces at Denina Mártin Collection – you see can take a look.

Dress for yourself

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy today! And every day!

Accept compliments

So many women have trouble accepting compliments because they undervalue themselves. Next time somebody tells you something nice, just say “Thank you!”. If other people see something nice about you, then maybe it is there, it is real and you should be happy about it. Not insecure. :)