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Tricks to make living room appear larger

A while ago I shared our living room reveal. However, one thing I did not discuss is that it’s not actually that much of a big space – 25 square meters together with the kitchen area. But we did use a couple of tricks to make it visually appear more spacious. I know many people are struggling with this. This is the reason why I’m sharing 8 ways to make a smaller room appear larger.

Opt for furniture with exposed legs.

 This will leave you with a feeling of spaciousness, and will let the room breathe. Yes, you won’t have that extra storage, but you will feel better in the space.

Make use of larger room accessories. 

Smaller vases and other accessories will leave a feeling that everything about this space is small. And it shouldn’t be like that. Instead, try fewer but larger accessories like our flower vases.

Use rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces.

This room separation in different sections will define the space. That’s why you need a nice and well-measured rug. We got ours from Domko, as they have abundant sizes and can also cut rugs for you.

Larger paintings are a better choice.

They make a statement and leave you with a feeling the space is larger than it actually is. In fact, our goal is to replace the little frames with a larger painting for exactly this reason.

Tips to decorate room

Pull the furniture away from the walls.  

Pushing furniture up against the wall makes everything look cramped. Even a few inches in between the wall and those large items can make the space look more open and airy.

Use geo prints to create an illusion of a larger space.

Stripes will elongate the room depending on how you place them. So will a herringbone print like the one we used for our flooring.

Curtains that fit right. 

Curtains that are full length create an optical illusion the room is larger. That’s why we custom-made them at Domko.  Some people even let them be longer, but it’s not practical for me so we skipped this part of the trick. Curtains that match the color of the walls also would create this illusion.

Don’t fill up every exposed shelf in a room.

Leaving some empty space will give your small space an airy look, too.

8 ways to make a smaller room larger

Is there anything you can add to those ways to make a smaller room appear larger? All extra tips and ideas are welcome! :)


Denina ♥