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Those following me on Instagram know that I recently burnt one of my favorite dresses with an iron when we were staying at my parents’. Many messaged me with tips to get a steamer as a convenient and safe solution. Funny thing is I already had one, just did not bring it with me! However, this made me realise that I should never go anywhere without it. Especially considering the fact that traditional ironing is not my thing.

Since this whole thing started a discussion (in private on my messenger), I decided to come and share with you 7 reason I love having a steamer. Because it is a great solution for people who are not into ironing and tend to ruin their clothes. Plus, there are a few hacks I bet you didn’t know. :)

It’s gentle on delicate fabrics. There’s no way I can burn my clothes.

I can iron both vertically and horizontally. This steamer in particular also allows me to use it as a regular iron, but without worrying that it may burn or damage my clothes. Works great for fabrics that are slightly thicker like lyocell. It’s easier to iron them using the steamer’s hot plate.

Quick fix for hard to iron spots. Like lace or pleated details. Anything that feels hard or impossible to iron with a regular iron.

It’s also a quick fix for hats. It is unbelievable but if you think you have ruined your fedora or straw hat by folding it, steam it and it will be back in the game!

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer
Гладене с пара от Phlips
Steam Go Plus 2in1 in action
Love philips Steam and go
Philips Garment Steamer for hats

Kills bacteria – up to 99.9% of them. And removes odors. All this can save you some cash on dry cleaning.

Can be helpful in the household maintenance. Believe it or not, but the steamer can be a quick fix for stained surfaces (as long as they are heat resistant) and even a stained carpet. Just steam to help remove the dirty spot. I personally also use it to steam my bed linen, because it gets wrinkled very easily.

Easy to travel with. It’s compact, although I bit heavier than I anticipated – 1.3kg.

in action Philips steamer 2in1
The compact steamer from Philips
Getting ready thanks to Philips steamer

The only cons to my Steam&Go Plus are the length of its electric wire – 2.5m is not bad but still would enjoy a roller that to give extra length. And the water container is relatively small – 70ml. Takes two garments or less before water is gone. But it needs to be compact so it’s understandable. But I still love it. I go nowhere without it now.

How about you – are you a steamer person or you like old-school ironing? Do you know other steamer hacks and interesting uses to share?


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Philips. All opinions are mine.