cutting my hair short
short hair pros

Last October I made up my mind on cutting my hair short – 27cm off the length to be more specific. I still get asked how it is after this change and whether I regret doing it. So, I decided to share with you 6 pros of cutting my hair short. If you are hesitant whether you should do it or not, go take a read. :)

It’s easier to maintain.

I wash it way more quickly. It dries out more quickly. And it takes a bit less time and effort to curl it. Not to mention that I started wearing it straight which wasn’t the case before.

It’s budget friendly.

Having your hair trimmed when it’s short generally costs less. But not just that. It saves on products like shampoo, conditioner, leave-in care, etc.

It’s getting trendier in 2020.

Short and collarbone straight cuts are actually a big trend in hair, so I definitely don’t feel outdated. Just the opposite.

I have natural volume.

I have always complained from the lack of hair volume. But when hair is longer it tends to weigh down. Now that it’s shorter I have way more natural volume. I even fight with it sometimes when it’s too much!

Hair looks healthier.

You know, when your hair is long, the hair ends to be about 2 years old. So, it takes more effort to maintain the healthy look of a hair. Having it short is just easy. Young hair looking more healthy and shiny.

I would accessorize more now.

When my hair was long I felt wearing hair clips and hairbands made me look like a 5-year old. Now, having a short hair, I enjoy accessorizing it much more. I also enjoy wearing hats much more.

Any other Pros to add, short hair fellows? :)


Denina ♥