Tom-Tailor outfit spring summer 2018
Tom-Tailor Spring Summer 2018

Life is a series of complicated events that can be very much directed by the life principles we follow. This is something like a personal constitution holding the values of a personality. To give you food for thought, today I decided to share with you 6 life principles I trust, as well as encourage you to share yours, of course.

Framing the positive

Certainly, being positive means feeling happy and good about yourself. By taking a positive outlook on life, one can easily shift out of a negative frame of mind and experience life as filled with possibilities and solutions instead of worries and obstacles. This is a life principle I have seen and tested so many times. One that has saved me from feeling down not once.

Be Kind & Polite

If you want to be treated well, treat others well, too. And I honestly believe that kindness is a way of living. Everyone deserves a good attitude, especially if they haven’t done anything wrong to loose it. Not to mention that being kind and polite makes me feel so much better about myself.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

This is my favorite. I can hardly respect people who take themselves too seriously no matter their achievements, so I cannot afford myself to do that and be disrespected. I love personalities who know how to make fun out of themselves. People who are grounded, and who accept their flaws. And I want to be like them.

Use “When” Instead of “If”

Ron told me this when we started dating. I found it very clever. The bottomline is – you should look at things as if they are really going to happen, not whether they would. This is very much about believing and being certain.

Be Teachable

Learning means growing. I respect people who are constantly willing to learn more. Learn from others. Learn from educational sources. Learn from their own experience and mistakes. Curiosity is a driving force and this is something I constantly remind myself.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is gift. Few people practice this and realise how lucky they actually are. Even though appreciating the Now is tough when hard moments are striking, I believe it is a an excellent way to stay grounded and be present. And honestly, how will I ever be happy if I’m not thankful for the good things in my life? :)

Now it’s your turn – go share your life principles in the comments. Take it as your inspirational contribution to this community. :)

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Bulgaria fashion blogger
Tom tailor outfit for SS2018
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Tom Tailor blogger
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