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I’m one of those people who love traveling, but not just for the sake of visiting a new place. I love the process of traveling. Getting up early, rushing, the unexpected situations, the excitement for the change that is going to take place – I like all of that. But in order to enjoy the traveling itself I need to feel comfortable. Today I’m sharing with you my 6 essentials for comfortable travel.

When it comes to my travel style, my favorite pick are high-rise elastic jeans. High-rise because I will never worry about bending over or reaching down to pick up something. Elastic to move freely. Of course, they always fit well with a simple blouse or T-shirt. When it comes to shoes, I always seek comfort because standing up or having to rush requires it for sure. But I also look for aesthetics. You will never see me wearing those tourist shoes! However, a pair of cool and anatomic trainers works best for me. Fourth comes the wristwatch to keep an eye on time. And then every single possession I have taken with me needs to be packed well. Depending on the place we are headed, I always pick a bag will set my hands free. It would either be a cross-body bag or a nice backpack. And last but not least, a reliable suitcase. Nothing worse than being let down by your suit case. I’ve been there in the past, and it’s the worst experience dragging a travel bag with broken wheels, or going through those disastrous zipper issues.

What are your ultimate essentials for comfortable travel? Follow along as I am planning to share my travel beauty essentials as a continuation of the topic. 

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Jeans – Naomi Campbell by Tom Tailor

Blouse – Tom Tailor

Wristwatch – Jacques Lemans

Trainers – Lotto 

Backpack – SAMSONITE

Suitcase – SAMSONITE


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*In collaboration with Tom Tailor & Samsonite. All opinions are mine.



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