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I love sharing my personal views and tips that can be useful for you. Today I am sharing 5 fashion investments that are worth the cash according to me. Of course, I am far from the belief that expensive is always good. Rather, I choose to rely on my personal judgement and inner sense for quality. Yet, there are still these items that are worth paying a little bit more.

But before I start I will tell you my rule of a thumb – to invest more in basic and timeless pieces rather than current trends. Clothes and accessories that are easy to mix and match are always worthier the money. When it comes to bright and bold trends, I would advise that you spend less, because trends come and go.


A good wristwatch always leaves a good impression. It is expected to be of excellent quality and look stylish. That’s why it’s okay to pay a little bit more. At the end of the day, time is one of the most precious commodities nowadays. It should be measured in style.

Classy St Mawes Daniel Wellington Watch Denina Martin 


From my personal experience I have found out that paying more for a coat is usually a great decision. More expensive outerwear tends to be made of quality textiles, would keep us warmer and remain in a good condition longer. The tailoring is also visibly more precise which leaves a good impression.

Pink coat by max&co Desigual coat 2016 blogger


Pretty much the same thing about knitwear. Quality knits like sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. look great, feel soft, keep us way warmer and do not produce static electricity. Cashmere knits are incomparable in this regard.

United Colors of Benetton sweater CLOTHES FOR HUMANS Beautiful Denina Martin at Bulgaria Mall


When choosing shoes, we seek comfort, quality and aesthethics. Being lead by the rule to invest in basic and classic pieces, I fancy the idea of spending more on nice classic shoes – would they be high heels, brogues, boots or sneakers.

Marella high heels shoes Clarks shoes lash


Even though I have listed handbags last here, they will always remain first for me. I just adore them! Big, small, bright, neutral, casual or elegant – they are my weekness. Handbags complete the look and uncover a lot about the lady who’s wearing them. That’s why I deeply believe they need to possess a character and good quality. So, spending more in forgiven here.

Furla cross body bag MDL Bulgaria Coccineelle Bag

If you feel you have already spent enough during the holidays, but still would like to buy yourself something, take a look at the things I am currently selling on SHEDD under #deninamartin :)

I will be happy to hear your opinion on the topic. What fashion items do you find worth the investment? 


Denina ♥

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Love this post! Except now I want to run out and buy new shoes and a purse :) Love your watch! I have a very similar DW one!

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