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I’ve been working out for years. I do not claim to be a very active athlete or specialist on the subject, but I have tried enough things for that time and have made enough mistakes to gain some opinions and impressions. Today, I share with you 4 working out myths, e.g. the conclusions I have reached over these years.

The more I train, the more results I will see.

Of course, I wouldn’t doubt the truthfulness of this statement. It is true as long as it does not reach any extremes. For some people it wouldn’t be problematic, but for the mass it wouldn’t work for the simplest reason. Stress. When training too hard, pushing yourselves to the limit, it puts your body on stress. This means elevated levels of cortisol, which further awaken hunger. For me, this over-training always has the opposite effect. Over time, I have realized that more moderate workouts have better results than long, exhausting and very intense ones.

Running shoes are good for everything.

I’ve been training with running shoes for years. Probably most of you, too. I’ve been thinking about it, but never been to the point where I actually study the subject. Until recently. It turned out running shoes are soft and do not provide enough support to the feet in strength and dynamic trainings. Very logical, but I did not realize it until I got from Reebok a pair of SPEED TR. The shoe is specially designed to provide better leg support for this type of workouts. I was very curious to check this. At first SPEED TR. seemed a bit hard and awkward, but in a minute or two I realized they were actually quite comfortable. Their hardness really gives a support for squatting and not only. This is very important to me because I have knee issues. Hence, they are very light and would not slip at all when doing a HIIT training. Once I saw the difference, I wondered – and if I’m in the gym and want to combine a strength training with a little cardio? It would be absurd to wear two pairs of training shoes and change them. It turned out that the SPEED TR is designed to be comfortable enough for a 5-kilometer run. Not that I’m going to do it (you’ll understand why below), but it won me as a client. I definitely feel the difference in my training  now and I would not go back to my running shoes, unless I go for a run specifically.

Reebok speed tr trainers

Run to get slimmer. Walking doesn’t count as a work out. 

There is a common understanding that running is the best way to loose weight. And many people run themselves away, literally until they fall. The reason I deny this belief is closely related to the first myth and stress. I remember years ago when I started going to the gym, there was a woman who would do an intense treadmill session run for 40-60 minutes every time. During all months, this woman stayed the same. For me, the situation wouldn’t be much different. The result is often arising hunger, which eventually leads to the opposite effect. Over time I realized that what works best for me is walking. Although many people underestimate it, long walks are great for heart health and muscles. And it wouldn’t tire and stress me at all. No, walking makes even more relaxed and balanced.

I have to work out, in order to look good. 

This is not just a myth, but rather an understanding which I do not quite agree with. I will lie if I say looking good is not my goal, but with time I realized that the biggest advantage of sports is how I feel. The greatest benefit of training is that I feel happier. Doing sports is not just a way to shape your body. It is a way to improve both body and mind health. In addition, I believe that if you train to feel better and calm down on focusing on your looks, you will see better results. :)

Reebok speed trainers
4 miths regarding sports

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I will be very glad if you could share some personal thoughts and conclusions. What works best for you and what mistakes have you made? Do you train with the right clothes and shoes? Everything that excites you and may be useful for me and our community here. :)


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Reebok. All opinions are mine.


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