Black plumetis dress Holiday edition_1768
Black plumetis dress Holiday edition_1788

While it is still unclear how we are going to celebrate the holidays, it is most likely that many of us stay home. But this doesn’t mean we should give up on feeling a bit special and glamorous. At least I won’t be giving up on this! Here are 4 chic dresses to wear for a stay-home party and help you forget about the crazy year we all had. Bonus: they are also as comfortable as they are beautiful!

In the upper pictures – a flowy black plumettis dress

The glam dress
Holiday sparkling festive dress-by-Denina Martin Collection_1645

A sparkling dress in a soft peachy pink stretch fabric. The comfiest and chicest one! 

A matching headband also available here.

Boucle Dress by Denina Martin Collection
The holiday edition dress Victoria

White tweed dress for the ladies who love eternal classics. 

Holiday glam by Denina Martin Collection
Necklace with crystal elements

Black wrap-up dress for the Hollywood glam lovers or those inspired by the style of Lady Diana. It does remind me of her style!

*Location: Terra Residence

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