3 trends revivals

Do you remember the Y2K aesthetics – that of the late 1990s and the early 2000s? The times when it was cool to wear ulta low-rise jeans and ultra short tops. And the plush tracksuits? I had a few and they were so hard to find! Fashion from those years is quite strange to me as of today, but there are 3 trend revivals that I like, wear and would wear: wide jeans, platforms and short cardigans. Of course, I wear them with my own twist and in the context of my social status – mother of two children, almost 30 years of age. Because the truth is – Y2K was my teen style and I will always see it that way.

Outfit details:

LIU JO White Т-shirt with print

LIU JO Cardigan with long sleeves and buttons

LIU JO Jeans with wide legs and a metal belt


LIU JO KRISTINE 3 leather sandals

What do you think of those trend revivals?