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I like all of us have my insecurities. When I lack confidence I feel like I can’t do my best or even enjoy those precious moments. Even though confidence is an inner issue concerning the perceptions regarding our own selves, I believe there are simple things that can impact it positively. And if we take good care of those things, we will set ourselves free from unneeded concerns. That’s why today I am sharing the 3 things that give me confidence. The same 3 things that make me feel insecure, if I haven’t taken care of them.

Beautiful Hair

When my hair is clean, volumitious and neatly styled, I feel so confident. Undoubtedly, hair is the frame of a face, which tells stories about the woman and her mood. And I don’t want my hair to tell bad stories about me! Instead of asking myself all day long “Is my hair dirty? Does it look flat?” and etc. I’d rather pull out the dry shampoo from under the sink cabinet. Of course, the best saviour is following a strict washing regime – exactly what I try to do. And most importantly, knowing what works best for your hair in terms of styling. When you learn your hair lessons, you can enjoy the sunny walk with friends without distracting yourself with thoughts regarding your looks. More on this topic under Hair category.

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Immaculate Nails

The feeling of going on a business meeting and realising your nails look awful. I hate it. As much as I try to avoid this, since I became a mom I have often experienced the pain of it. Unconsciously, I focus on my hands rather than the crucial matters. That’s why I have ditched the dark nail polish, and started opting for neutral ones. This gives me peace, as I don’t have to worry about the chopped nail. It’s just not as obvious. Yet, red nails remain my ultimate cinfidence recipe, even though I rarely opt for them.

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Smooth Skin

One of my biggest worries during the spring-summer season is wearing those revealing extra skin clothes. I have often experienced the discomfort of being unable to put on something, as I haven’t taken good care of the appearance of my skin. And I don’t mean lotions only. Let me be straight. How many of you have felt the worry of lifting your hands up when wearing a tank top? I feel this all the time, because even if just shaved, underams never look good. I have never found them attractive. In general, hair removal is an issue with all women, I believe. It’s the number one enemy of confidence. This year I will be fighting it with the help of Lumea, truly hoping it would help me win the battle. I threw myself in the unknown waters of IPL a few weeks ago and I am so curious about the results. It seems too good to be true, but I can only imagine the joy and freedom of being hair-free. I am even counting the days to my next IPL treatment! But let me share more precise thoughts and impressions in an upcoming post about  Lumea

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What kills your confidence when it comes to beauty? I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts. 


Denina ♥

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