My favorite sun care products this summer
Sun care products I use

This year I decided to give Lancaster sun protection products a go. I have never used them in the past, but heard  great things about them, so I ordered 3 suncare essentials for Summer from this brand. Best part is Notino are having a Black Friday event this week (up until the 19th) with great discounts on sun protection including Lancaster, Esthederm, Avene, Clarins and many more. All of these brands with some excellent sun protection products, so it’s worth checking the sale selection.

Here’s what I’m using to protect myself from the sun damaging rays this Summer:


This is an incredibly lightweight and refreshing body mist with the highest sun protection – 50 SPF. It has a non-oily and non-greasy formula and can be applied even on wet skin.

The product also promises a full light protection beyond UVA and UVB sunrays. The Buriti oil in it has a natural tan activation effect which means it protects the skin but won’t prevent you from getting that summer skin glow. And last but not least, keeps the skin very well moisturized!


This product is a highligthing primer with 30 SPF which means it is meant to be used beneath the foundation. However, in Summer I avoid wearing foundation so at the moment I’m applying this product as an everyday sun protection, but as soon as I’m back to wearing foundation it would still make a great choice.


This beautifying oil contains the so-called Lancaster Tan Activator Complex with natural Buriti oil which stimulates the tanning process and promotes the diffusion of melanin in the skin. Also soothes the skin leaving it nourished as it has six natural-origin oils contained in it. It also has a really pretty shimmering texture which gives an extra golden glow to the skin. To be honest, it would have been just perfect if it had the SPF added to it!

Lancaster sun oil protection by the pool
Sun protection by the pool

*In collaboration with Notino. All opinions are mine.


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