Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress

When I think of prom dresses and dressing gowns, I barely ever look into trends. I might have said that already but I deeply believe a dress should reflect your personality and state of mind. It should make you feel pretty and confident. And mostly, it should be a love from first sight.

Of course, the trouble comes when you get three loves from first sight. I’m saying this, because I kind of experienced it the other day at Bridal House. I had to choose a dress and I chose three.  Luckily, those three are very different to each other, but yet equally stunning. Here are the 3 occasion looks I fell in love with.

The Playful Dress

What I loved about this dress, even though it’s actually a co-ord, is how playful and fun it is. It’s spacious, you can play with it and looks fabulous. Because of the shiny top, my tip would be to be careful with accessories here. I myself picked a neutral box clutch from Liu Jo.

Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress

The Grown-up Dress

If you really want to look classy and play with accessories, a simple basic dress can be a great fit. This black dress seemed to me too simple hanging among all those sparkling jewels. Until I put it on and accessorized it with a little pinch of sparkle – the new shiny Metropolis by FURLA and this elegant MARELLA drop necklace.

Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress Accessorie furla handbag

The Shiny Dress

Who wouldn’t like to feel like a princess for a little while? This dress is the real gem I found at Bridal House. It features a beautiful set of sewed-in sequins and beads that make it needless to accessorize. It’s got all the shine you need for your occasion.

Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress Bridal House Prom Dress

Which of these three dresses do you like the most? 


Denina ♥

*In partnership with Bridal House and Bulgaria Mall. 




Omigosh! These are such fabulous gowns. I love them all I can’t even pick one as favorites.


A great combo for the playful one with that clutch you picked! Just the right dose of shine mixed with everything else – it just makes you look like coming out of a modern fairy tale! :)


Thank you so much, Daniela! I’m so happy to know you’ve enjoyed the styling. :)


The grown-up dress is just gorgeous!

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