Mustard coat for this winter 2019
Mustard coat details

Layering has become a way of living for many women around globe. If you check your Pinterest, I’m sure most of the pins will be of fashionistas who have mastered the layering game. There are two reasons why this have turned into an entire new religion in fashion. Firstly, it’s super practical. No need to explain why. And secondly,  it looks super stylish. But there”s also one barrier that comes to every woman’s mind. Looking bulky.

Layering does pose some risks when it comes to looking bulky. There are at least 3 layering guidelines to follow. Like going from thinnest to thickest when it comes to fabrics. And paying special attention to proportion. This usually means mixing a bulkier set of top-wear with slim-fitting bottom-wear. Like I have done here. Or wearing a knee-length skirt with shorter layer on top, for example And last but not least, making use of belts. With too many layers around, it’s always good to add a silhouette. It can be over one of your under-layers or over your top layer like I did here. It’s all up to you and the clothes you are wearing.

Of course, these are just basic guidelines for anybody who feels lost in this layering game. Remember, it should always be about your own body, your personality and how you feel. And you will never find out what’s good for you, unless you start experimenting. :)

Mustard coat I found in Catty Bulgaria mall
Winter in mustard coat
Mustard coat blogger
My Mustard coat

Mustard Coat (goes with the belt) – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Blazer – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Trousers – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Parfois at Pronta, Bulgaria Mall


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine.



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