4 Dec


welcome back home Purely Me by Denina Martin

Hi there,

I haven’t posted for a week and trust me – there’s a good reason behind this. Last week I delivered my first child – baby boy Alexander. I’m thrilled with his arrival and cannot explain how thankful I am for having him. It’s amazing how such a little and so vulnerable creature can turn your world upside down. Daddy and I are so smitten with Alex. Speaking of which, I cannot miss but mention that daddy is doing beyond fantastic at making us feel comfortable and happy. He welcomed us back home with lots of love and sweet surprises. Love you, daddy! So blessed to have two wonderful boys! :)

welcome back home Purely Me by Denina Martin

And just to finish off, I will introduce baby A to you as soon as he grows just a little bit, I promise. :) At this point I will try to post as frequently as I can, because you know… there are lots of diapers I will be changing! So, stay tuned for new content on Purely Me by Denina Martin!

Sending you my loveliest kisses!

Denina ♥


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