9 Feb


Valentine's Day - a casual outfit featuring Week & Shop MDL - styled by Denina Martin

Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-3 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-5

Last week I went on a Valentine’s shopping hunt to find some gift ideas for him and for her. With the approach of lovers’ day, Bulgaria Mall and I wanted to submerge you into this festive spirit even deeper. That’s why we planned an exclusive double inspiration. This week I will be sharing two posts in partnership with the shopping center – one featuring a casual outfit and one featuring an evening outfit.

For the casual outfit I’ve chosen to be ladylike and opt for a skirt. Hence, I’ve decided to mix patterns – polka dots and zigzag lines. This is something I have started enjoying more and more over the years (Previously mixed patterns here). To add a romantic Valentine’s twist to this look I’ve picked a red bag and a heart-shaped pendant both from Furla’s S/S 2016 Collection. As another pop of red beautifully served the Weekend Max Mara beaded necklace, fully completing the outfit.

This look is perfect for a day outing, brunch, lunch or an afternoon tea. However, if you’re looking for an evening look appropriate for a romantic dinner with your loved one (or with girls!), stay tuned. It’s coming very soon.

Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-9 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-6 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-4 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-8 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-7 Valentines-Day-Outfit-Marella-Max-Mara-Furla-MDL-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-10

MARELLA Midi Skirt (Week & Shop MDL)   WEEKEND MAX MARA Polka Dot Jumper (Week & Shop MDL)   FURLA Red Bag (Week & Shop MDL)   FURLA Heart Pendant (Week & Shop MDL)   WEEKEND MAX MARA Beaded Necklace (Week & Shop MDL)

All of the aforementioned items are available at Bulgaria Mall.

Are you planning to dress in a special casual outfit for the day of Valentine’s Day, ladies? 


Denina ♥

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