17 Nov


Three Current Obsessions for Winter presented by Denina Martin for Bulgaria Mall

Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-9 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-6 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-1

Over a month ago I shared with you three trends to have in mind this Autumn. While those are still relevant, they are definitely not exclusive. In today’s post I’m sharing three current obsessions that are quite relevant for Winter 2015-2016. These are fur, velvet and statement jewelries. Inspired by them, I went on a shopping hunt. I mixed them in three different looks to give you some shopping ideas right before Bulgaria Mall’s Black Friday on 20th Nov 2015 a.k.a. this Friday. Now I will go through those three current obsessions of mine.


Fur and faux fur is a beautiful statement to make you feel warm while looking extremely stylish. Would it be a jacket, a collar, a hat or gloves, it always looks posh and so over-the-edge. And with a good variety of colors to choose from this season, it all appears simply perfect. So, my advice to you is to add some fluffiness and glam into your day. You will not regret it!


Velvet has become a big thing this season and honestly, there’s no reason for you to miss it. You must have seen a number of A-list stars like Rihanna wearing it quite often. So, pile up your own celebrity look this festive season and look marvelous in those soft velvety pieces.


Last year I wasn’t much into those statement jewelries. Most probably this is so because they weren’t as big as they are this season. And since things have changed, I started enjoying the eye-catchy spirit of those massive earrings, collar necklaces and hand cuffs that are seen everywhere. I would advise you consider them well, if you want to look fash these holidays. Not to mention what a great variety of sparkle, fringe and embroidery you have to choose from. Apparently this season there’s something for everyone.

PENNY BLACK Fur Jacket (WEEK & Shop MDL)   PENNY BLACK Bag (WEEK & Shop MDL) H&M Fringe Earrings   MARELLA Necklace (WEEK & Shop MDL)   WEEKEND MAX MARA Jumper (WEEK & Shop MDL)

Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-10 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-7 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-2 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-3

GAS Fur Coat   H&M Necklace   I LOVE FASHION Leather Gloves   PRONTA Fur Earmuffs  LIU JO Keychain   MICHAEL KORS Purse (Scandal)

Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-5 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-8 Three-Current-Obsessions-fur-velvet-statement-jewelry-bulgaria-mall-Denina-Martin-4

H&M Dress   PRONTA Gold Hand Cuff   I LOVE FASHION Necklace    H&M Velvet Purse   H&M Velvet Notebooks 

All of the aforementioned items are available in Bulgaria Mall. 

Do you fancy one of those current trends, ladies? Are wearing any of these? 


Denina ♥

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