As a fashion-forward person, my deep believes are that to dress yourself means to #ExpressYourself – more or less. To me every single day is another chance to express my personality differently. Too often this is affected by weather or current mood, but it is an opportunity to create a proper impression about myself and … Continue Reading


I really enjoy dressing up all white, especially with summer knocking on the door (though the door is still locked by a great dose of wind and rain…). Yet, on those warm and sunny days white feels perfect, especially with a few accessories on it to pop out beautifully. For this look I opted for … Continue Reading


It’s so wonderful to be a woman – we have a whole day of the year dedicated specially to us! Happy International Women’s Day, dear ladies! On this day we’re celebrating the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of us – women. In my country we are also marking Mother’s day today, so for me it’s a double … Continue Reading


Today, I’m raising the topic of breaking fashion taboos. First thing, a taboo is a understanding that something is improper or unacceptable. For decades there have been numerous taboos in the world of fashion like never wear pink on red; brown on black, a dress that is shorter than the coat, and many more. Most of … Continue Reading


Those of you who are following me on Instagram know that we spent the past weekend by the seaside. We went to my favorite spot of all on the Black Sea – Nessebar. Favorite because of the inspiring scenery and the ancient spirit it has. I will tell you more about this magical place in … Continue Reading


Hi everyone! Today’s outfit is about accentuating over a bold color like orange. As you know I love inserting a statement piece in my looks, which in this case is a classy blazer in an eye-catchy hue. Orange in particular is a beautiful color, but for some reason people don’t wear it much. In fact, … Continue Reading