Some clothes seem to have been made for certain places. And they probably are. This striped marine dress is an excellent example. As if it was created with the thought of a sea or a sea port. I imagine wearing it somewhere around the magnetic Mediterranean. I love such clothes because in my thoughts they … Continue Reading


I don’t want to be complaining too much but it’s high time Spring came with all its prettiness and shine. To boycott its cursory appearance I will wear florals, because that’s what spring is about. Florals. Bright, blooming and positive florals which make you feel great. I came across this floral shirt at Top Secret’s in … Continue Reading


As a fashion-forward person, my deep believes are that to dress yourself means to #ExpressYourself – more or less. To me every single day is another chance to express my personality differently. Too often this is affected by weather or current mood, but it is an opportunity to create a proper impression about myself and … Continue Reading


The past week has been so sunny that I still can’t believe it. I have been waiting for this joyful weather for months, and now I can’t describe how happy I am to finally feel it. The weekend was a dream. We prepared a barbecue, visited the zoo (Alex’s first time at the zoo!) and … Continue Reading


It’s most likely that you’ve already prepared your New Year’s Eve outfit. Believe it or not, I myself haven’t. There’s this dress I recently ordered, but it turned out it runs a bit larger. So, for now I don’t have a specific plan. If you don’t have one, either, I’ve got three suggestions for you. … Continue Reading


I have something to tell you which is no longer a secret. It is a Top Secret thing actually – since a new store of the brand Top Secret opened in Bulgaria Mall last week. I missed the official opening because we were in Vienna, but as soon as we came back, I rushed to … Continue Reading