There’s nothing more comfortable in summer than a light flowy dress, nicely flattering the body curves. Honestly, I have a thousand reasons to love the season of dresses. It celebrates femininity and freedom. Freedom to express yourself as a woman. Freedom to move, and so much more. And now that it’s … Continue Reading


A few months back I was reading in a Vogue article that skirt lengths rise and fall with the financial market. They were at their shortest during the prosperous Twenties and Sixties. In the poorer Thirties they fell. The recession of the Nineties also created a friendly environment for long … Continue Reading


Life is too short to wear boring dresses, they say. And how can I not agree? When I saw this ruffle dress at Bulgaria Mall’s Catty, I immediately fell for it. As someone who treasures everything chic, the combination of ruffles and lace seemed the prettiest. Even though you might … Continue Reading


Hello. My name is Denina and I’m obsessed with dresses.  It’s not something that you haven’t heard or noticed already, but I love dresses so much. Especially, when on a summer holiday. Dresses save space in the suitcase, as well as thoughts on styling (apart from choosing the accessories). That’s … Continue Reading


There’s something about maxi dresses that really makes women love them in summer. They bring comfort during the day, but still can look fancy in the evening – all depending on the accessories in the mix. For today’s outfit I have picked a blue floral maxi dress from Pepe Jeans … Continue Reading


  One of the latest additions to Bulgaria Mall’s store portfolio is Tom Tailor. I was quick at visiting and the thing that caught my eye was this slip dress. It’s very comfortable and so curve-flattering. To be honest, the minute I put it on, I thought Eva Mendes would … Continue Reading