Style reflects and should reflect one’s mood. Not just that, it should work towards improving it. That’s why throughout the year I often change my mood for dressing. Sometimes I feel colorful and bright. Sometimes I feel like I want to wear darker tones. Currently, I’m in the mood for earth tones, because that’s exactly … Continue Reading


For the past few seasons we’ve seen a major 80s revival. And it means a good dose of glamour and shine. The return of glitter is apparent, and I’m surprised, because I’ve finally started experimenting with it. I have been very weary of glitter and sequins over the years. (I still am.) But definitely started … Continue Reading


Despite the fact Spring seems so far away with this cold weather, I really wish I could speed up things and ditch all my warm coats, boots and sweaters. Cute seasonal offerings are everywhere and I want to load up on light coats, skirts, dresses and shoes. Like this simple and very casual raincoat in … Continue Reading


I am already thinking about Spring/Summer 2018 trends. Thus I feel closer to Spring itself. However, one of the obvious trends for the season is going to be stripes in all their variations, including marine stripes. Today I take on a marine jouriney amidst winter. And the best thing is that it’s on a budget because the … Continue Reading


  Despite the warm weather, most of us are probably on the look for a coat. If you are searching for a new one, my appeal to you is not to buy it in black. Besides the fact there are many more interesting and colorful options out there, black coats have one major disadvantage. They … Continue Reading


I enjoy experimenting and trying different things. Honestly, I should do it even more often. Little experiments give me freshness. They make my everyday more interesting, which is a key to happy living. I believe going beyond my own stereotype gives me freedom and makes me feel more alive. I have been a fan of such gold … Continue Reading