I was on the look for a suit for quite a long time, but struggled with finding one. Usually, there’s an issue with either the trousers or the blazer, which wouldn’t let me say yes. Well, maybe I had to wait for SS18 collections to discover the suit I was looking for. That’s what actually … Continue Reading

L.A. GLOW with Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Empowered, beautiful and confident – this is what Victoria Beckham says she aims to make women feel with her Autumn collection for Estée Lauder. And this is exactly how I felt after my make-up session the other day. Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder is a collection which reflects Victoria’s personal beauty vision inspired by her … Continue Reading


I like the color red and many people tell me it looks good on me. Despite this, I still haven’t felt confident enough to wear red more often. And since it is quite trendy this season, I really wanted to find a comfort way to increase its presence in my wardrobe. It quickly turned out … Continue Reading


Some women love wearing black. I am not one who is crazy about it. It is elegant, classic and eternal but I scarcely fall too deeply into it. Yet, sometimes black feels right. Sometimes you just find the right piece to inspire you – like this black lace skirt. The other day I was watching … Continue Reading


Ron and I have been together for ages, but we barely enjoy time just for ourselves. This has been so since Alex’s birth, as you might assume. So, when we go for a kid-free lunch we joke and call it a date lunch, because it feels like a date. Just the two of us enjoying … Continue Reading


Some of you might have expected to see me in a bridal dress after yesterday’s post on Facebook and Instagram. Sorry to disappoint you, but not in this post. Why not in a future one. Yet, I will need a personal motivation to do it. ;) Anyway, prom season is approaching (and wedding season, too!), … Continue Reading