In the previous post I told you about my love for Monet and the golden sparkle of the inspired FREYWILLE collection Orangerie. Today I’m sharing with you another collection I fall for – Bouquet of Dreams, part of the Floral Symphony. What’s more, I experimented by mixing it with another Monet-inspired collection called Giverny only … Continue Reading


I don’t really remember the last time I bought a lollipop. Must have been long ago – back in my childhood years. When I spotted that enormous one, I felt an instant desire to treat myself with something colorful and sweet. This was a pure moment of joy, a moment that took me back to … Continue Reading


It’s Easter time, which means colors and festive mood. This time I wanted to dress up in fresh and bright hues in honor to one of the loveliest holidays of the year. Yellow is one of my favorite colors this season. The “sunny” color I call it, because there’s so much brightness flowing from it. … Continue Reading