Weather really affects me. The most efficient way to stay out of the blues is by having chocolate. It doesn’t really help me stay in shape though. Despite the fact I haven’t managed to do so in the last month. So, as you imagine, I need to find another solution for beating the gloominess that … Continue Reading


I don’t really remember the last time I bought a lollipop. Must have been long ago – back in my childhood years. When I spotted that enormous one, I felt an instant desire to treat myself with something colorful and sweet. This was a pure moment of joy, a moment that took me back to … Continue Reading


No, today I am not feeling blue and me being into the blues has absolutely nothing to do with sadness. There’s no reason for that. Just look around! Everything is sunny and blooming. :) Today’s post has only to do with me wearing blue. This outfit is about being blue in the most gorgeous way. However, … Continue Reading