I like the color red and many people tell me it looks good on me. Despite this, I still haven’t felt confident enough to wear red more often. And since it is quite trendy this season, I really wanted to find a comfort way to increase its presence in my wardrobe. It quickly turned out … Continue Reading


Autumn is a beautiful season. Everything slowly begins to get painted in soft and warm colors. And once again I start thinking – why should we dress in black and gray tones when we can make our days colorful and bright? One of the key colors for London Fashion Week is yellow in its mustard … Continue Reading


With the beginning of the new autumn-winter season, I promised myself to keep on showing you some of my favorite trends. I invited you to my Urban Zoo. I mixed some animal prints. Hence, I revealed some of my favorite autumn florals, plus some romantic ones. Today, I’m showing yet another favorite trend – pearl … Continue Reading


With the advent of the Autumn / Winter season, I usually start facing difficulties when it comes to finding perfect dresses. As if it’s much easier in Summer, but isn’t it everything easier in Summer… :) Of course, good finds are still available, and this dress featuring beautiful Autumn florals is exactly this type of … Continue Reading


After experiencing the catchy world I once called Urban Zoo, I decided to continue living it. Or at least from time to time. There’s something really charming about all those animal prints. They give me the good mood. This time I’m embracing Autumn’s favorite warm color palette by choosing a monkey print dress.    As … Continue Reading


Location: Booktrading, Bulgaria Mall This summer, Ron and Alex I became the main characters in Bulgaria Mall’s campaign “Hello, Summer!”. With Autumn slowly stepping in, as well as the new collections, the three of us became ambassadors of another favorite theme “Ready for School”. And although in fashion it is mainly associated with black & … Continue Reading