MDL Marella pink print dress Marella pink print dress

The month of love is just around the corner. Celebrating St.Valentine’s Day or not, it always feels nice to go bright and opt for colors.  So, the next two weeks will be all about the so called all-red and all-pink mood and it’s a totally acceptable thing.

Gingham dress- Marella mdl group MDL Marella gingham dress coat 2017

Marella has released it’s first Spring / Summer 2017 looks which can now be found at Week & Shop MDL in Bulgaria Mall. The theme is called Sweet & Rock and is about contrasting patterns such as animal prints and maxi checks. However, the specific point here is they are all mixed to create a distinctive combination which overwhelms.

MDL Marella gingham dress coat Printed coat marella coat

Sweet & Rock is love. Or at least for me, because I loved it the very first time I saw it. The checks are romantic and girly. The animal prints are plain and discreet. And because it’s Marella, it feels neither too much, nor too less femine. It’s a perfect balance of shapes and patterns.

Furla metropolis mdl group Gingham coat Marella mdl Marella print dress pink coat by mdl

MARELLA Animal Print Dress / MARELLA Checked Coat / FURLA Metropolis Mini Bag / MARELLA Scarf

Do you enjoy this mix of patterns? 


Denina ♥




Definitely yes! This coat is amazing ???


Love the scarf. I’m not the one to wear pink (I’d look like a balloon), but I love your scarf. Sometimes a single element can soften an entire outfit.

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