21 Aug


70s Retro Vibe Outfit by Denina Martin


You must recall we spent a few days at a golf hotel in Pirin mountain (some nice bargain prices there now). However, I already posted two of the looks I wore there (here and here), with this one here being the third and last, but not the least loved. In fact, its 70s retro vibe has turned into it one of my go-to outfits. Casual, comfortable, trendy, and in my favorite color palette – it compiles my favorite tastes right now.

I used to be skeptic about denim bottoms with high-rise back pockets. To me they appeared too old-fashioned and never really thought they look good on anyone. Well, apparently things change. I’ve now fallen for these MANGO shorts too much, after realizing how nice and chic their push up effect is. Once again I have to remind myself – never say never…

In regards to the top, wouldn’t say much about its lightweight fabric, which is so needed during the summer heat. While mustard color remains on point during A/W 2015, I will continue integrating this vest into my autumn wardrobe.  This is valid also for the belt and the cross body bag in tan. Lucky us who love the 70s retro vibe – this trend is still in for the upcoming season.

Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-2 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-3 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-6 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-7 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-5 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-10 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-8 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-13 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-11Reto VibeRetro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-14 Retro-Vibe-Down-Town-Denim-Shorts-Denina-Martin-12

MANGO Denim Shorts (Very Similar)   MANGO Crossbody Bag (Sold out but similar)   HM Mustard Top   Local Store Gladiator Heels (Good Alternative)   Gold Wristwatch (Similar)   ACCESSORIZE Heart Necklace (Love this one)   Tan Belt (Good Option)

Have you been into the 70s trend this summer or maybe you plan on wearing it this Autumn? If you seek some inspiration into it, check out these looks here and here


Denina ♥


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