It is August already and summer is at its peak. Yet, in fashion things look a little bit differently. In August it gets harder and harder to find your size while shopping the sales because they are almost over. In August you are most likely to get something from those new collections that has just … Continue Reading

Dresses are fantastic. I love dresses. But skirt and crop top co-ords are even better. They look as chic but can be styled separately. These should truly be the practical girl’s best friend and a must-have staple. The lace co-ord I’m wearing today is a part of Esprit’s summer collection (which is on SALE now … Continue Reading

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Living in the big city is something I still enjoy and wouldn’t like to give up on at this stage. I love its quick pace and lively spirit. Yet, at times Ron and I do get tired and need an escape. That’s why we try to get closer to the countryside every once and a … Continue Reading

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On this day in 2014 I published my very first post on the blog. I thought that my blogger-self will live for a month or two, but here I am – two years later still doing this with my heart and soul. I never anticipated that blogging would get under my skin so badly. At … Continue Reading

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Life is too short to wear boring dresses, they say. And how can I not agree? When I saw this ruffle dress at Bulgaria Mall’s Catty, I immediately fell for it. As someone who treasures everything chic, the combination of ruffles and lace seemed the prettiest. Even though you might associate ruffles with a childhood … Continue Reading

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In mid June Ron, Alex and I travelled to Greece for an extended weekend with my parents (prior to this we visited Sarti and Talizeti). So June was just perfect for me! For that few days we spent at Nea Potidea, I relied on my swimwear bikini set from BraClinic. I am not one of … Continue Reading

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