It’s almost June and roses are already blooming. My favorite time of the year! I grew up in a town which is a synonym of roses, so it makes me really happy being around them. Which reminds me that the Rose Festival is this weekend. So looking forward to it, and already thinking of what … Continue Reading

Everybody has their own guilty pleasures. One of my guiltiest are handbags. I’m a firm believer that a good bag can give every outfit an edge and raise it to another level. That’s why I am happy to spend a little bit more on such purchases. It’s investing in affordable luxury. I decided to share with … Continue Reading

For the past 2 years I have been sharing occasionally inspiring looks with fashion finds from Bulgaria Mall. I have always found this project a big opportunity. However, recently Bulgaria Mall invited Ron, Alex and I for a even more exciting project. For about a week already a photo of the three of us revolves around … Continue Reading

Some women love wearing black. I am not one who is crazy about it. It is elegant, classic and eternal but I scarcely fall too deeply into it. Yet, sometimes black feels right. Sometimes you just find the right piece to inspire you – like this black lace skirt. The other day I was watching … Continue Reading

There’s nothing more comfortable in summer than a light flowy dress, nicely flattering the body curves. Honestly, I have a thousand reasons to love the season of dresses. It celebrates femininity and freedom. Freedom to express yourself as a woman. Freedom to move, and so much more. And now that it’s here, I am the happiest … Continue Reading

“This is purely me!” That’s what first came to my mind when I dressed up like this. And honestly, if I have to pick one outfit which represents me, this one here will top up the list, for sure. Every single detail is just perfect in my eyes. Summery stripes, linen in soft and natural hues, oversized … Continue Reading