I was on the look for a suit for quite a long time, but struggled with finding one. Usually, there’s an issue with either the trousers or the blazer, which wouldn’t let me say yes. Well, maybe I had to wait for SS18 collections to discover the suit I was looking for. That’s what actually … Continue Reading

I have always had a thing for shirt dresses. Not the first time appearing on the blog wearing one. And since I’m already craving for Spring like crazy, I thought it’s time to invite it by actually dressing for Spring. In one of the previous posts I spoke about stripes and their huge part in … Continue Reading

In today’s post I want to pay special attention to two Bulgarian brands I love very much. The past years have been majorly about imported brands and goods, so every time I come across local produce of good quality, I get very happy. When snow fell last week, I wondered if it was a good … Continue Reading

I am already thinking about Spring/Summer 2018 trends. Thus I feel closer to Spring itself. However, one of the obvious trends for the season is going to be stripes in all their variations, including marine stripes. Today I take on a marine jouriney amidst winter. And the best thing is that it’s on a budget because the … Continue Reading

Winter grayness would literally kill me sometimes. I’ve said it a trillion times but what saves me from feeling down is color. So, I decided to compile another shopping guide for you with colorful outerwear to get you through winter. No matter what color you prefer, it would certainly make a difference as long as … Continue Reading

With the start of the new year, almost everyone I have talked to says they lack motivation. I myself am somehow struggling with this because of winter and the lack of sunshine. It really get me moody and aids me loose my focus. So, I decided to compile a few tips on how to stay … Continue Reading