I do not consider myself a make-up expert, especially when it comes to eyeshadows. Not very talented at applying them, maybe because I rarely use such products. However, one of my friends is very talented at this, and she says it only takes practice. Which is true in its biggest part. That’s why I always … Continue Reading

Location: Aelia Bar Restaurant, Nea Skioni, Halkidiki, Greece  I wanted to share with you one very precious moment for me – a family dinner by the sea. Being a romantic soul such moments always melt my heart. I feel happy every second when the sunset beams softly kiss the skin, the breeze lightly carries the … Continue Reading

Location: Salad Box, bul. Al. Stamboliiski 72A, Sofia  This title may sound bold, but actually reflects my personal view of Salad Box. The chain opened its first restaurant in Sofia 2 days ago and I was happy to be among the first to try out the menu. I say happy, because in the end I really … Continue Reading

Sometimes I just want to get on a Vespa and run away…  Unfortunately, obligations and responsibilities stop me from taking such an escape. Not only that. I do not even have a motorcycle. This Vespa is not mine. Again for my regret. It was beautifully parked in a quiet street in the heart of Sofia. It … Continue Reading

Last week we celebrated Purely Me by Denina Martin’s 3rd anniversary. I look back with a smile seeing how much we have changed. I smile upon all the memories we have collected and all the people we have met. I’m grateful for all the disappointments and mistakes that have helped us grow. Honestly, every challenge made … Continue Reading

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Shopping is such a pleasure during sales. I love the feeling of finding something beautiful and on a bargain – like this Rojo Clavel dress by Desigual. The designers took inspiration from the red carnation (Rojo Clavel in Spanish) and created this blooming maxi dress. However, when I tried it, it felt too baggy. To … Continue Reading