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Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin with an outfit from Gas Jeans at Bulgaria Mall

Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin with an outfit from Gas Jeans at Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin's Love for DenimHello, I’m Denina and I like denim…

You might have sensed my love for denim already, though I’m trying to make it not too obvious. I’m a huge supporter of Ritu Kumar’s view that denim has always been an everyday symbol for style. It just feels comfortable and looks good! To be honest, Ron is the one who reminds me I need to slow down on denim. But when you buy denim, you know it’s versatile and will be wearable years ahead – like this romper I found at Gas Jeans in Bulgaria Mall. It will barely go out of style, beacuse ‘Hey, denim is here to stay forever!’

However, if I have to name one thing I’m into right now (apart from denim), it would be wrist scarfs. This is something I recently discovered for myself, and I truly fancy the idea. It’s different and act as a jewelry. What I enjoy most about this styling concept is you can barely see someone doing it. So, you feel kind of unique in your outfit.

P.S.: Bulgaria Mall and I have good news. We are changing the terms and conditions of our GIVEAWAY. Now everyone living in Bulgaria can take part and win a 200-lev shopping spree with me in Bulgaria Mall.  :)

Denina Martin's Denim Passion Guess Mini Bag in Black Leather Styled by Denina Martin Denina Martin wearing Guess by Marciano Sunglasses Denina Wearing Denim Romper by Gas Jeans Details Matter - Women Always Need a Mirror Handy Denim Overalls by Gas Jeans at Bulgaria Mall - styled by Denina Martin Casual and City Chic Look by Denina Martin Denim Romper by Gas Jeans from Bulgaria Mall -styled by Denina Martin

GAS JEANS Romper   GAS JEANS Belt   GUESS by Marciano Sunglasses   GUESS Handbag   GUESS Scarf   GUESS Bracelet 

All of the aforementioned items are available at the stores of Bulgaria Mall.

Are you a fan of denim as much as I am? Or maybe you’re a bigger fan? Shout out your denim confessions in the comments’ bar below. 


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