28 Aug


Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin Wearing SHEIN white lace dress

Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-1 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-12

I don’t really remember the last time I bought a lollipop. Must have been long ago – back in my childhood years. When I spotted that enormous one, I felt an instant desire to treat myself with something colorful and sweet. This was a pure moment of joy, a moment that took me back to the times when I only cared about playing games and having fun. And then I started thinking about colors again…

Colors play an important role in the world of a child. Kids are being surrounded by such lollipop colors because they develop their senses and mental activity. What’s more they symbolize positivity, happiness and a better world. How important are they in these most crucial years of our lives! But why do we start neglecting them while growing up? Why do we jump to darker shades that symbolize negativity and sadness? Maybe it’s because what we wear on the outside reflects how we feel on the inside. Maybe it’s our everyday that prompts us to do so. But wouldn’t it be better if we made our lives more colorful by opting for lollipop colors? Wouldn’t that take us back to the good memories of our childhood or wouldn’t it just brighten up our days for good? Not going to say anything more. Rather, I’ll leave you with some food for thought. :)

In regards to this outfit, I’m wearing a beautiful white lace dress from SheIn, and a pop of lollipop colors through the bracelets from UPcycled Styles. The latter are handcrafted and can be purchased with a 30% off using voucher code PURELYME. Valid for every purchase over $20.



Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-7 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-6 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-11 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-4 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-5 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-9 Lollipop-Shein-lace-dress-upcycled-styles-Denina-Martin-3


SHEIN White Lace Dress   UPCYCLED STYLES Wooden Bracelets   MONKI Sunglasses (different color)   White clutch (alternative)   White Heeled Sandals (Love those, too)

What is you color theory? Do you wear lollipop colors for a good mood throughout the day? 

Sending you lots of colorful smiles,

Denina ♥


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